Gee, I finally graduated…
I have been having a good time in 1 year since I was 1 years old and I’ve been having a good time.
A lot of friends, loving teachers, staff, etc. was just a lot of much love, excitement, experience is priceless!
Thank you very much 

Graduated from lovely nursery school.
Thank you watching over my son.
Will never forget you all.

Shoko Morita Miyamoto
Mother of Kiwakor (who is an alumna of The Study School)

Our younger daughter graduated from her nursery school, The Study . Since her enrollment in Nov. 2015, she has experienced what the school, teachers and friends are like and enjoyed what it offered such as its huge trampoline, finely designed handwork programs, a lot of nursery rhymes at everyday singing time and the cozy lawn where squirrels run around.

It has been not only her school but also an important foothold for me. Whenever mentioning the school name, of course people know of it, I was always blessed with their gratified expressions saying ‘Good school, you’ve made a right choice.’ Such experiences had positive impacts on my life living as a foreigner, making me feel as if I was accepted by Indian society.

Although we’ll miss the school, I’m also proud and happy to be a parent of a “Study Graduate” because whenever we remember her childhood, there The Study is.

My profound thanks to the school, the teachers and the staff members for all the lovely memories we’ll never forget.

Manpreet Pahwa
Mother of Mehar (who is an alumna of The Study School)

As Mehar completes her journey today through her play school The Study School … We wanted to thank the school administration and all the teachers and staff for providing such a wonderful initiation of school life to my daughter (and innumerable other kids). Every day she would wait for me to come home so that she could narrate to me what happens in the school..she remembered rhymes and songs that she was taught in the class… the trampoline and the gunea pigs .. and the outdoor activities..i am sure that she would miss the caring and loving environment for a long long time to come and so will we… In a era where education is highly commercialized commodity, I want to thank the Principal Mrs. Pasrich, Ma’am and all the teachers for preserving the ethics and ideals of early schooling and providing the most wonderful and loving environment to kids.. you have definitely left an indelible impression in our hearts and in our lives.. Thank you so much for making Mehar’s world a much better one !

Meesha Rawal: (Ex Student) It has been 34 yrs since I left that school (’83-’85) and I still have fabulous memories of our sports day and the amazing activities we had including horse riding !! Best prep school !!

Hi all beautiful mommies let’s all get together n say big thanks to study school n the teachers… u all have done a wonderful job ….my son Ruveer  has loved his journey in this school n specially the support during this lock down has been great when everyplace is shut and no other services are available u guys are doing great with video calling classes it was so much required to keep the kids in routine… my son loves it and all the teachers have been like second mothers to the kids… I loved every moment at this school n the simplicity of the school.. I don’t want to say goodbye to this school ever.. thank u all once again💕

Ruveer Kapoor Batch of 2020
Son of Sunaina & Rajat Kapoor (who is an alumna of The Study School)

In the very true sense, we owe so much to The Study School. From the beginning the tender love and care of Deepa Ma’am to the present adorable teachers Winnie Ma’am and Ahluwalia Ma’am. My child owes her healthy eating habits to her overall confidence to these great teachers. With utmost patience (which frankly even I lack) they have been ensuring that she eats on her own, toilet training and so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The present online sessions are truly commendable. Manvi looks forward to attend these sessions everyday and is busy doing the activities shown throughout the day. She loves this school and never wants to say goodbye. My younger daughter too will surely be a Studyite. We should really plan a big farewell party once this corona thing is over.

Manvi Kaur Batch of 2020
Daughter of Manpreet Kaur and  Vivek Yadav

Our respect and admiration for you as Amyra’s teacher cannot be expressed in words. You have a tangible effect on the lives of the students in your school and they will surely remember you all for many years to come. Thank you for creating a space for our children to be themselves and for being a positive example in their lives. As all said I can also proudly say that The Study has the best teachers…

Thank you Winnie ma’am, Mrs. Ahluwalia ma’am and all the adorable teachers !!! Amyra is really going to miss all The Study family… I personally don’t want to say goodbye to The Study. Once again thank you so much.
And also a big thank u to Mrs. Hemant Pasrich and Mrs. Shivani Pasrich .. we are going to miss u all.

Amyra Mittal Batch of 2020 Daughter of Shilpa & Saurav Mittal

Graduated from a lovely nursery school. Thank you for watching over my son. Will never forget you all.

Yotaro Kobayashi Batch of 2017 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Kobayashi

Thank you so much Winnie ma’am, Deepa ma’am, Mrs. Ahluwalia, Suhita ma’am, Shivani ma’am, Benjamin sir, Mr. Dias and the guard Bhaiya’s and helping Didis for taking care of our kids and loving them.

Rishit joined The Study School in the month of July 2018. First of all thanks to his very first teacher Deepa ma’am. He fondly calls her “Meena ma’am”. He was so small and was in the perfect hands. Thank you Winnie ma’am whom he loves so much and she made him too talkative by pushing him and taking him out of his comfort zone. Thank you so much ma’am. Winnie ma’am he will miss you badly.
How I can forget to thank Mrs. Hemant Pasrich for such a wonderful school. Thank you so much .

Rishit Bidhuri Batch of 2020
Son of Lakshmi & Lovit Bidhuri

Clearly remember the first day we brought Aarish to The Study and like him we fell in love in with it. From Mr. Dias’s piano lessons to the yoga classes, the rabbits to the trampoline Aarish told us everything. A big thank you and hug to all the teachers and support staff and a special thanks to Suhita ma’am for helping and guiding us through challenging times and making it a wonderful experience. We would equally miss the teachers and the school as the kids would.

Aarish Rais Batch of 2020
Son of Aastha & Rishi Rais

Shayna has had a wonderful journey with The Study. We would like to thank the teachers for their love and support. We appreciate the online classes that helped us to get back in routine. Shayna will miss her teachers, friends and the school.

Shayna Bhatia Batch of 2020
Daughter of Arti Bhatia & Salil Bhatia

We will always be grateful for so much love and affection The Study has showered on our daughter. Thank you would be an understatement. Vedika has learnt a lot from you ma’am.

Vedika Sondhi Batch of 2020
Daughter of Jigyasa & Prateek Sondhi

The Study has been the first step into the outer world for our kids. Teachers have done some great work and the over all experience here was real and deep. Veer is grown here, I remember Veer was crying in his early days and was most of the time in Deepa ma’am lap. I am so grateful to all the teachers for looking after him so well and making him more independent. I can proudly say, The Study has the best teachers so far. I have not seen such loving , enthusiastic, experienced and caring staff ever. Thank you The Study family / team for the experience which will stay in Veer and mine heart throughout this lifetime

Veer Vashisht Batch of 2020
Son of Priyanka & Yatharth Vashishth

We made an awesome decision choosing ‘The Study’ for Shivaay. We have enjoyed seeing kids doing various activities, play way learnings and their interactions with friends and teacher. I have now started seeing Suhita ma’am in every teacher I meet. Shivaay will always miss the school and his lovely friends. I would really want this school to grow and start conducting classes nursery onwards. Glad to be a part of The Study
Shivaay Anand Batch of 2020 Son of Manisha & Amit Anand