“Over 85% of a child’s cumulative brain development occurs prior to the age of 6, indicating the critical importance of appropriate care and stimulation of the brain in the early years in order to ensure healthy brain development and growth”
National Education Policy 2020

Our Philosophy
The Study’s pedagogy is the ultimate guide to your tinker treasure’s age-appropriate cognitive and social-emotional development
Children at the Study feel secure first, happy next and the learning comes automatically

Our Founder

The Study was established in January 1972 as a Nursery School in Golf Links. Its Founder Director, Mrs. Hemant Pasrich, brought Canadian expertise and the Froebel method of teaching to India after teaching in Canada for more than half a decade.

Later she was inspired to start a school of her own in India.  The association with The Study, Montreal has been sustained over the years.

Learning Den

Laying the best foundation for your child’s future


Baby's Day Program

Natural open-ended play
Parent participation
Music Therapy
Sensory Play

12 months onwards


Little ones

Early literacy
Draw and Make
Outdoor free play


Young ones

Life Skills Athletics &
Aesthetics Well being
and Nutrition
Maths &



Collaborative play
Explore to learn
Decision making

4 Years onwards

Workshop / Event

50th Year of Excellence

Our Froebelian method of teaching integrated with elements of  Play Way and Montessori pedagogy allow children to consistently exceed educational standards and to simultaneously develop a joy in learning. This will serve them for a lifetime!

The Study has had the honour to host Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers and other leaders as our Chief Guests at Annual Functions. Our dedicated teachers have educated and nurtured students who are  today highly regarded citizens of India. Politicians, barons of industry, changemakers and thought leaders.

Our Happy Parents