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We conduct various workshops for children, parents and even educators. Some of the recent workshops we have conducted are as follows:

1. ‘Sangeet4All’ by Ms. Saskia Rao
2. ‘Good touch Bad touch’ by leading child psychologist Sukriti Sachdeva
3. ‘How to Tackle Toddler Temper Tantrums’ by leading child psychologist Sukriti Sachdeva

“We believe that young children possess unique capabilities and needs
and that adults should serve as the ‘gardeners’ of children’s potential.
Each member of the teaching staff has outstanding experience,
advanced training or degrees, and a commitment to ongoing professional development”

Activities & Events

  • We believe in Theme based learning (Learning through doing, exploring, playing, taing things apart, and posing questions in their effort to understand the world around them)
  • Through play, children can discover their own interests, abilities and limitations; they imagine, investigate and explore. They develop memory skills, build vocabulary, learn new skills and knowledge and learn how to get on with adults and other children.