Online Classes

The Study School’s “Ma’am, Dad, Mom & Me” Virtual School Information and Guidelines for Parents

Who: All Nursery Children, all subjects.
Why: Welcome to Virtual School! Many teachers and learners are experiencing an unprecedented situation in their schools due to Covid-19 Pandemic. The goal of virtual school is to provide the best possible learning experiences for our children despite difficult conditions. Please stay connected…
Where: Children can work anywhere in the house with internet access.
When: Learning activities for the week will be posted on WhatsApp/email by 8:00 AM Sunday-Friday, Delhi time. Teachers will be available to students online for one hour per day between 11:30am and 12:30pm; this is split into 4 segments; each segment consists of 10 minutes instruction time followed by 5 minute ice breaker.
What: Zoom will be the tool used by teachers to deliver their virtual classes. Invitations to join these virtual classes will be sent daily (in the morning, before 10:00am) through WhatsApp Parent Group.

Teachers will plan authentic activities that relate as closely as possible to current class content or skills. The activities are aimed at reinforcing existing understanding and introducing new content that will be continued to be covered in class upon returning back to school. Teachers will be uploading recorded virtual classes, student and teacher-led videos onto school website, FB, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Links will be available on our school website for free interactive materials and learning tools (reading, kitchen science, yoga, numeracy etc.) and information on how to upload videos and add comments.
Maintaining safety through virtual classes is our top priority. The host shares the meeting ID and password only with involved participants. Once the session is on, the meeting is locked. However, in case of any unauthorised access to the meeting room, host will immediately remove and block the participant.

Where possible we encourage and will offer online group conversations with other parents via social platforms. Please stay connected for updates on this initiative and continue to follow us on social media.

Roles and Responsibilities (Parents)
• Providing an environment conducive to learning (access to technology, safe and quiet space during daytime).
• Engaging in conversations on posted materials, activities and monitoring time spent engaging in online and offline learning (eg, read a book with your child (not language specific) reflect on pictorial reflection of story).
• Please ensure your child/ren attends each session every day and maintain regular contact with teachers. We understand that this is a challenging time and each family is different so if your child/ren cannot participate in the sessions, that is okay. We will be supportive and flexible and will endeavour to make Virtual School a fun and positive experience for everyone!
• Your weekly feedback regarding our virtual school is appreciated. Please check your email for further instructions,

Help: If you need instruction, help and troubleshoot, please contact your child’s teacher via email, WhatsApp and/or Zoom.

Contact us on 9810341778 or to register