The school has a tried and tested system of integrating your child into the school. On the first day your child is in school for a short duration of an hour. The parent is asked to wait in the school café during that time. Over the next few days an individual assessment on how to increase this time is made and gradually the parent does not needed to be there.

Please provide

  • A labelled bag, tiffin box, water bottle.
  • A pack of dippers / underwear and wipes.

A spare set of clothes

The children are in school for a short time. Finger food is encouraged. Teachers are there to help the children become independent in their eating habits.

Safety of the child comes first and is given utmost importance. Children are always accompanied by their teachers and are never left unattended.

We will inform parents or the local guardians immediately via telephone. Any medication will be administered only after the parental consent. First Aid will be done immediately. For your information Spring Meadows Hospital is only 150 meters away from the school.

Kindly contact the school office and try to minimise such requests.

The uniform ensures safety and security of the child. It takes away the hassle of deciding what to wear each morning. In school the children are able to identify themselves as one unit belonging to the school.

On joining the school parents are added to the class WhatsApp group with the class teacher. On request a meeting can be set up besides the regular Parent Teacher meetings. Please note the teachers do not communicate during school hours so kindly contact the school office during that time.