Preschool in Delhi Safety Checklist for Parents for Kid’s Safety

Are you watching out for aspects concerning the safety of your kids in preschools in Delhi? If yes, follow the guidelines below for your kid’s safe future in preschool.

Promoting the safety of children is one of the most essential things in parenting which none can ignore at any stage. We always ensure betterment and thus try our best to maintain that safe and secure environment sought for our children at home. But are they living a safe life during their school hours? Parents need to check and recheck if their child’s preschool is maintaining the required safety measures or not.

Moreover, a safety checklist ensures proper regular checks about a child’s safety by protecting them against any of the dangerous failures that might become a major cause of concern.

Let us also explore some of the essential points for the safety checklist: 

  1. Inspect the School and Classroom Environment

Preschools in south Delhi ensure that the school environment is safe for children. To confirm if their child is safe in the preschool, parents must provide the presence of the following:

  • No hazardous substances in the classroom;
  • Properly working fire extinguisher;
  • Hygiene and cleanliness;
  • Healthcare and first-aid;
  • Non-reachable electrical outlets;
  • No water-logging;
  • Proper furniture;
  • CCTV surveillance. 
  • Discover Daily Safety Checklist 

Daily safety checklist in the best preschool in Delhi involves proper functioning of all the facilities in the school. It makes the parents analyze the concerned area regularly. It includes the following important factors: 

  • Availability of First-Aids;
  • The right equipment in the playground;
  • Sanitizing and hand-washing procedures;
  • Floors free of spilling;
  • Fall protection environment; 
  • Sufficient drinking water facility;
  • Cleanliness of Washrooms.
  • Safety on the Road and the Entrance of the School Premises

Always ensure that the preschools in Delhi maintain the kids’ safety while crossing the roads. Also, make sure that the school faculty checks the identity proof of the person before sending the child back home from school. Best preschools in Delhi ensure authorized personnel pick up a child from school. Preschools in Delhi further remind safety rules and regulations periodically to the children. A parent must ensure that the school buses are in good condition.

  • Personal Safety from Strangers

Best preschools in South Delhi teaches children to stay away from strangers. Parents must checkif the preschool is maintaining the standard criteria. These days, strangers and adults try to persuade children with gifts, money, or candy with their nefarious ambitions to cause harm to kids. Reputed Preschools in South Delhi instruct children about the repercussions of talking to strangers.

Also, check for proper ventilation, lighting, and hygienic conditions when searching for best options in your searches like “preschool near me.” The above safety checklist for parents offers comprehensive knowledge about the safety requirements at Delhi preschools. 

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