Five Qualities to Look for in a Good Preschool or Nursery

Finding an appropriate Preschool or Nursery school for your child imparts a lasting effect on their future. To provide optimal quality in learning and playing, the preschool you choose must be suited to your child and meet your expectations. The best preschool in Delhi will give a program with many benefits that lay the foundation for advanced learning thus grooming the child for a bright future.

Let’s Explore Five Qualities to Look for in a Good Preschool or Nursery

  1. Educational Setting and Style: Preschool is the initial place where your child independence from their home setting and embarks on their first ever solo adventure! Before choosing a preschool, you must ensure the classroom atmosphere is conducive and enriching.
    The school curriculum and ethos should stand out to you and be well structured.
  1. Passionate and Hardworking Staff: It’s the people that make the place which is why the best pre-school have passionate, caring, experienced, and qualified teaching staff. While visiting the campus, watch for teachers and administrators who speak kindly and show respect towards their students.

    Some qualities to look out for in a good preschool teacher are creativity, empathy, enthusiasm, dedication, impartiality, patience, a sense of humour, and exceptional communication skills.

  1. Good reviews: To find the best preschool; one must look to the reviews from parents of alumni. It is a good idea to have a chat with one of them or read their testimonials.
  1. Active Learning: A child learns better through playing techniques. Hands-on learning or active learning involve discovery and playing process in learning. Reputed Pre Schools in Delhi must include extracurricular activities such as; arts and crafts, music, dance, outdoor sports and reading time in their curriculum.
  1. Inclusive and diverse: Each child is an individual with their own unique skills and strengths. The best pre-school should appreciate and encourage their individuality. The school should excel at being able to accommodate for those differences and help children grow and learn in their own way.

  2. Location and a welcoming environment: While looking for the best pre-school for your child you must ensure the commute is not painfully long for them and that they are happy to go to school. The environment of the schools drop off and dispersal should be one that is neat and positive for the children so that the transition from school to home and home to school is seamless. For eg: The Study School is perfect as a pre-school in South Delhi!

The Study School is a state of the art facility in the heart of the city. Having been around 50 years it has experienced staff and is an environment where outdoor activities are encouraged. It’s the perfect place for a child to explore learning through play. The Study school is well-reputed as one of the best pre-schools in South Delhi.